iStuff Sunday #1 - Brushing Away Lens Flare

iStuff Sunday is a new feature that I'll link to here on my blog. It's written by my friend David Leveen, who shot all the videos for our Light It! iPad and iPhone apps - as well as for the videos for our Wiley Publishing DVDs.

Each week David will cover some cool techniques and fun stuff for your iPad and iPhone - and maybe even for iLife and iWork users.

If you want to suggest a topic, let us know in the Comments section here.

Thank you David, pictured below after his brain surgery, for the cool info and stuff. Yes, the picture was taken with an iPhone. And yes, David is doing great!

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Explore the light, 

P.S. David is also a certified Mac Consultant. If you live in Westchester, NY and have a Mac Attack problem, shoot David an email. David has saved the day for me on many, many occasions.