Play with Light - and Walk Like an Egyptian

Model Kimberly Askew. © Rick Sammon
Here's a fun idea for playing with light. Place a speedlite directly behind a subject (hide the stand with the subject's body) and point the speedlite toward the back wall. Fire the flash remotely. I used Pocket Wizards.

Use a Honl Grid over the flash head to focus the light. Place a Honl Gel over the flash head to add color to the white light.

I took this photograph in Parish Kohanim's Atlanta studio last week during our lighting workshop. I added lens flare effect in Photoshop - where I also created my mirror image of model Kimberly Askew.

My camera gear for this shoot:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-105m IS lens... my favorite lens.

Have fun with the ligh this weekend.

Explore the light,

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