What's Your #1 Priority When You Take A Portrait?

Portraits by Rick Sammon
Someone recently sent me a picture of yours truly that he wanted me to post on my web site. The photographer caught me with a very silly-looking (actually stupid) expression. Hey, that's not the first or last time that will happen. :-)

I told that photographer that I looked silly in the picture and did not want to share the photo. He blew his top, as my dad used to say.

I can't tell you what he wrote in the nasty series of emails late last night, but he blasted me for not helping him further his career.

I can tell you that my mother washed out my mouth with a bar of Ivory soap for using that word.

He asked for a list of the folks I have helped. I did not answer any more of his emails, but the Comments at the bottom of my Tough Love post list a few folks that I have helped with my honesty. The post and comments also illustrates that some folks actually want a honest critique of their work. This cranky photographer did not want to hear of it.

When I take a portrait, I feel my #1 priority is to the subject. I want the subject to be pleased with the picture.

I would like to hear your thoughts. What is your #1 priority when you take a portrait?

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