5 Days of 5D Mark III Shots: Day 5

Today's the last day of posts in this series. Thank you all for following along. I hope you have enjoyed the photographs and the tips.

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Luck. That's the topic of topic today's post. I was super lucky to get these two shots, taken seconds apart on the second day of my Alaska workshop with Hal "Bull" Schmitt. Yes, I was ready to shoot, but luck did play a big role in these photographs.

A few quick photography tips here:
- When photographing two or more animals, try to get some separation between the animals.
- The background can make or break the shot. The relatively plain background in these photographs helps the eagles to stand out.
- The eyes have it. If the eyes are not well lit and in sharp focus, you've missed the shot.
- Know your subject.

I can't decide which photograph I like the best. If you have a preference, I'd like to hear why in the Comments here on my blog.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 70-200mm f/4 lens 

Hal "Bull" Schmitt and I hope you can join us in Alaska in 2013. I will pick the dates for my workshop will Bull soon.

Speaking of saying thank you, check out The Thank You Economy. It's a good - and important - read.

And speaking of books, below are my two favorite - and best-selling - books.

In face to face I share my favorite people photographs and people photography tips.

In Exploring the Light I talk about how to get the best possible in-camera exposure.

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