Chasing and Capturing the Light

As photographers, we are light chasers and light catchers. After all, a photograph is all about light - the main element in every photograph. That's the topic of my next class on Kelby Training, which I'm recording in July. Stay tuned for the release date.

Often times, we need to chase the light, which means being prepared for the chase. Being prepared means having the gear, knowing how to use that gear, making the right exposure decisions . . . and envisioning the end result.

Speaking of exposure: my #1 tip is this: Exposure for the Highlights! So, keep your camera's highlight alert feature turned on, and check your histogram.

Above is the end-result image I envisioned when I first saw the giraffe in the scene below. The giraffe is hard to see in the frame, but it's there in the center by the horizon line.

To get the shot I envisioned, I worked with the driver of our safari vehicle, saying: "move this way, no that way, now just a bit to the left, now to the right, please back up, inch forward, stop!"

So the next time you look through your viewfinder, keep in mind that you are recording light. And keep these thoughts in mind about shadows:
• Shadows are the soul of the photograph.
• Shadows are your friend.
• Light illuminates, shadows define.

Explore the light,