Explorer of Light Discusses the Evolution of Light

Photograph © Bob Davis
If you are in the NYC area on Tuesday, May 22, don't miss my friend, and fellow Canon Explorer of Light, Bob Davis' talk at Adorama

The topic - Evolution of Light, Getting Big Quality form Small Portable Speedlites, is a must-see for speedldite shooters.

Want more Bob (and lighting tips)? Sign up for his workshop on Wednesday, May 23rd from noon to 6 PM. Meet at Adorama and then hit the streets.

If you can't make the talk or workshop, you can still learn from Bob via his awesome iPad app: Lights, Camera, Capture.

What I love about the app: The animated lighting and depth of field examples. Within the app you can use your finger to move for example the Ratio control, this same function and control set is on your Speedlights. As you move your finger you can see the lighting Ratio change on the subject. You can also move the light around the subject to learn how light position effects the image. My favorite has to be the example of depth of field. As you scrub your finger from f/1.2 on up to f/16, you see how more and more of the image comes into focus. Now photographers have many ways to absorb the information, reading, interacting with the book by making notes and highlighting, audio comments and video along with interactive animation. How cool is that!

For more of Bob's work, check out his web site. You'll find Dawn Davis, Bob's talented wife, there, too. What a great - and creative - team.

Explore the light,

P.S. Speaking of apps, I have a few apps myself. 24/7 Photo Buffet and Light It! Have lots of lighting tips.