An Interesting Encounter in Sitka, Alaska

Get this: While Hal "Bull" Schmitt and I were giving our Alaska workshop welcome briefing in the lobby of the Totem Square Inn in Sitka, Alaska, a guy comes up to me and asks, "Are you Rick Sammon?"

The guy, Keith Fredrickson, a local photographer, recognized my voice from the DPE Podcast.

What's even more interesting is that we had seen Keith cool panos on the walls of the hotel and in the hotel's restaurant. We marveled at the image quality and composition.

So, in the DPE podcast tradition, I recorded an interview with Keith - and Hal joined in the podcast fun. My interview with Keith will run on our podcast soon.

I want other photographers to see Keith's wonderful panos taken in and around Sitka, so a few are published here.

Here is Keith's contact info:

Keith Fredrickson
Sitka, Alaska
I hope to meet up with Keith on a future trip to Alaska. Give him a shout if you are in Sitka. He may take you on a sunset cruise on his small boat and show you some cool spots. That's that he did for Hal and me. Below is one of my images from that cruise. Thank you, again, Keith.

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