I'm Saddling Up for the Black Hills Photo Shootout

I can't wait to start shooting - pictures, that is - at the Black Hills Photo Shootout next week. I'm also looking forward to my keynote presentation.

I have not been to the area, but I have photographed cowboys, which is just one of the workshops at the event.

If you can't make the shootout, here are some tips for photographing cowboys.

When you think you are close, get closer. The closer you are to the subject, the more intimate the portrait becomes.

Take a picture that tells a story, and remember that the background can help to tell the story, and establish a sense of place.

Cowboys often ride off into the sunset. Shoot during sunset and sunrise for dramatic images. Expose for the highlights. Check your Highlight Alert to make sure highlights are not overexposed and washed out.

Use reflectors to fill in shadows, as illustrated in the photograph below. That's me on the right in the photo above.

Yes! These tips works for cowgirls, too!

Make pictures. All these pictures were made on my workshops. They are all set-up shots . . . that took some time to set up.

Explore the light,