My Quick Tips on a Cool T-shirt

My workshop and seminar participants are familiar with my one-liners, which some of my photographer friends call "Sammonisms."

These helpful photo phrases sum up some of the basic rules of photography than can help you make better pictures.

For those who want to keep my expressions handy, my photographer friend and workshop participant Spike (Mike) Ince at the Arizona T-Shirt Factory designed a cool "Rick's Tips" t-shirt.

Available in L and XL, the t-shirt are $20 each (includes shipping). Payment is via paypal to

US shipping only.

Questions? Please email me.

My expressions:

The name of the game is to fill the frame.
Dead center is deadly.
When you think you are close, get closer.
The camera looks both ways.
Expose for the highlights.
Use your camera like a spaceship.
Light illuminates, shadows define.
Backlight = shoot tight.
Make pictures, just don't take pictures.
See eye to eye - shoot eye to eye.
Take the darn flash off the camera.

Explore the light,