Dr. Sarno

Got Back Pain? These Two Books May Help You Feel Better - or even cure you!

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I suffered from chronic back pain for years - until I was cured by Dr. John E. Sarno in the mid-1980s.

Over the years I have told many folks about Dr. Sarno. Some folks have been cured simply by reading his books, others have had personal visits, and still others have needed more help from this giant among doctors.

And yes, others with closed minds have not improved at all.

Several celebrities, including Larry David and Howard Stern, have been cured by Dr. Sarno.

If you have bad back pain - or neck pain - give Dr. Sarno's books a try. Just click on the links below.

The Divided Mind and Healing Back Pain.

Good luck and hang in. Just know there is hope.


P.S. If you are a Dr. Sarno believer, check out this cool project about his life's work.