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One Photograph - 24 Photo Tips!

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I love teaching photography and sharing my photographs. So, I thought it would be fun to see how many photo tips I could give that apply to this photograph - which I took with my Canon 5D Mark III camera and Canon 24-105mm IS lens. 

Here goes.... but first, this image was taken on the Death Valley Photo Workshop that I taught with Hal Schmitt. Love working with Hal.

1 Never underestimate the importance of a good subject.
2 Never underestimate the importance of a good location.
3 Watch the background.
4 Expose for the highlights.
5 Focus on the face.
6 Pay attention to light on the face.
7 Shadows are the soul of the picture.
8 Props Rock.
9 Composition is the strongest way of seeing.
10 Play with plug-ins.
11 Direct the subject.
12 Frame the face.
13 Separate the subject from the background.
14 Chase and catch the light - you snooze you loose.
15 Placement of the horizon line is important.
16 Burn and dodge carefully.
17 Cropping gives us a second chance at composition.
18 Be prepared with the right lenses.
19 Don't skimp on a filter.
20 Master technique, but.... (see number 21)
21 The most important thing about a picture is the mood/feeling.
22 Make pictures, just don't take pictures.
23 Explore the light.
24 Have fun!

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Explore the Light,