Nice Light + Good Composition + Interesting Subject = Good Photograph

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I took the shot above on Day 1 of my Florida Photo Caravan workshop. After a sunrise shoot in St. Augustine, we headed to Old Town for some street photography.

I helped the workshop participants with some travel portraits. Above is my favorite  image from the shoot.

• Asked the man to move from the bright sunlight into the shade, and positioned him against an interesting background.
• Composed our pictures with the subject off center for creative composition.
• Shot an angle angle to create a sense of depth in the scene.
• Shot eye to eye, which is more interesting than shooting downward.

We all got great shots! And had fun while we were at it.

Photo info:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 17-40mm lens

Nik Silver Efex Pro/Full Contrast and Structure

Kyla 2 © Rick Sammon copy.jpg

I took the shot above today on Day 2 of the workshop. Once again, we made the picture by positioning the model in front of a cool background - the Magic Beach Motel. Here, the shadows added extra interest to the scene - and image.

Both photographs illustrate a simple photo philosophy: nice light + good composition + an interesting subject = a good photograph. They illustrate something else: sometimes, flat light is nice; and sometimes, strong light is nice.

For more on light and composition, see my on-line classes.

Photo info:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-105mm lens 

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