Quick Landscape Photography Tips

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Here are some quick landscape photography tips, which you can use in Iceland, or anywhere :-)
- cut the clutter, isolate interesting elements in a scene;
- crop creatively, crop out distracting elements to give photographs more impact;
- don't leave home without a polarizing filter, to reduce glare on water - and to darken a blue sky and whiten white clouds;
- pack a ND filter,  so you can use slow shutter speeds to blur moving water when shooting in bright light;
- most lenses are sharpest around f/8 . . . just keep that in mind;
- focus 1/3 into a scene for max depth of field;
- remove all filters when shooting toward to the sun to avoid lens flare and a ghost image of the sun in your photographs;
- don't skimp on tripod, you must use a sturdy one;
- use a foreground element to add a sense of depth to a scene;
- shoot HDR in high contrast situations. Lot of HDR info in my iHDR app;
- envision all the enhancements you have in Lightroom and Photoshop. It's quite amazing how much control we have over shadows and highlights, and contrast and color, in the digital darkroom. Plug-ins are also great for enhancing landscapes.

As always, explore the light,

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