What You'll Need for My November 2013 Wales Photo Walk/Workshop


My free 2013 Wales workshop starts a week from today. Can't wait to meet the new group, make new images, and work with my co-leader for this project, awesome local photographer Pierino Algieri.

Here's the basic schedule:

 Nov 5
- Group meets at 5 PM for welcome and slide show.
- Optional group dinner at 7 PM.
Nov 6
- Free Walk. We'll shoot in the AM and process in the PM. Processing will take place in the hotel in the late PM.
Nov 7
- Free Walk in AM, process and group slide show in the PM. Optional good-bye dinner with group.

rick sammon wales 1.jpg

I took the pictures in the post on my 2012 Wales trip. We can't get to all these locations this year. We will, however, shoot in picturesque settings.


Here's the digital SLR gear I recommend, and why: 

• 17-40mm lens - for landscapes and waterfall shots
• 24-105mm lens - for landscapes and people photographs
• 70-200mm lens - for white horse shots (if we see them, which is not always possible)
• tripod - for HDR shots
• ND filter - for pictures of waterfalls
• polarizing filter - to darken a blue sky and whiten clouds
• lens cleaning cloth - to keep your lens clean.

All my gear is listed on My Gear page. 

For this walk you will also need good, waterproof hiking boots and a rain jacket/hat. 

rick sammon .jpg

If you plan to process your images (for the group slide show), you'll need your laptop, loaded with your favorite image-editing programs. If you shoot HDR, you'll need an HDR program - and know how to use it. All my plug-ins are listed on my Save on Plug-ins page.

Shows Sammon Group I.jpg

Last year, some folks shot with point-and-shoot cameras - and even iPhones. That's cool, too.  Above is one of our fun group pictures.

This year's sponsor is Visit Hiraethog. Visit their web site and you'll see why I keep returning to photograph in wonderful Wales.

A big thank you to Anthony Woodhouse, Rural Tourism Project Officer at the Conwy Government for organizing this educational and fun event.

All my 2014 digital photography workshops are listed here. 

Explore the light,


P.S. The videos I made last year are on my On-line Classes/Videos page