Rick's List: Gear Recos for My Southwest Photo Caravan

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Here's another "Rick's List" – my gear recos for my 2013 Southwest Photo Caravan. The workshop is full, but I though I'd post this info again for those who may be traveling to the same locations . . . which are:
- Arches National Park
- Dead Horse Point State Park
- Bryce Canyon National Park
- Zion National Park
- Awesome Junkyard
- Thunderbird Restaurant (you can play golf here if you like)
- And anything else we find to shoot along the way!

We'll also take a late afternoon boat ride on the Colorado river for even more photo opportunities. An authentic BBQ dinner will follow.

My 2014 digital photography workshops are fulling up. They are listed on my 2014 Workshops page.

I'm a Canon shooter, so the cameras/lenses listed here are Canon - but all shooters are welcome on my workshops. We shoot together, process together and have fun together.

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Digital SLR - for the ultimate creative control

17-40mm lens – for landscapes
24-105mm lens  –  for tighter landscapes
8-15mm lens – for cool shots at the junkyard


Polarizing filter - to darken a blue sky/whiten white clouds and to reduce reflections on water.
Neutral Density filter – for shooting at long shutter speeds in bright light.
Sturdy tripod –  for sharp shots before sunrise and after sunset.
Head-mounted flash light – so you can see what you're doing before sunrise and after sunset.
Powerful flashlight –  for painting with light. The link suggests just one flashlight option. This accessory is not absolutely necessary. On my workshop, we will have a few lights on hand, but the more the merrier.

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Camera Bag
Backpack style – because you'll be hiking around.

Computer Stuff 
Laptop – for on-site image processing. Yes! PC users are welcome, too!
Portable hard drive – for backing up your images.
Plenty of memory cards and a card reader –  to record and transfer your images.
HDR program – Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro for HDR image processing.
Power strip – so you can easily plug-in more than one accessory.

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Hiking boots

This workshop requires some hiking. The hikes are not that long, but they are not that short. :-)  

Recommended Reading/Viewing
My Kelby Training classes on Light and Composition.

Shoot me an email with any questions you have about my workshops.

Explore the light,

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