Swing By My Lighting & Travel Sessions at PPE in NY: Oct 24 - 26


I hope you can swing by one of my sessions at Photo Plus Expo in NYC in Oct. Here's what I will be teaching:

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Canon Booth: Oct 24 at 1 PM and Oct 26 at 11:30 AM. I'll be demonstrating how to make portraits like the ones above - taken in the Canon booth last year with a Canon 600EX RT Speedlite and a Westcott Apollo softebox.

rick sammon milky way copy.jpg

Adorama Booth: Oct 24 at 3 PM and Oct 25 at 11 AM. I will be talking about the gear I used for my travel photography. All my gear is listed here.


Westcott Booth: Oct 25 at 2 PM. I will be teaching basic at-home and in-studio lighting. 

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If you see me at the show, ask for my 50% discount code for my on-line Great Sand Dunes Photography class. All my on-line classes are listed here.

Explore the light, 

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