Got Kids? Are You a Kid At Heart? Check Out My Latest iPad and iPhone Educational App: Underwater Wonders

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My latest app is here: Rick Sammon’s Underwater Wonders. This universal app is a fun-filled, interactive and educational app for the iPad, iPhone, iPad mini and iPod touch running iOS 7 only. The app, designed for kids, and for adults who are kids at heart, features my favorite underwater photographs of my favorite marine animals. The photographs are accompanied by fascinating and fun facts, as well as some of my personal anecdotes.

This app was designed by app developer Craig Ellis, who also designed my Light It! and Photo Sundial apps. All my apps are listed here.

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Key features include:
• Beautiful color photographs of underwater animals and plants.
• Interesting scientific facts, including why fish don’t sink, why fish change color, and how fish hide from predators and seek out prey.
• Daytime and nighttime photographs from the Caribbean, Pacific, Indo Pacific and Indian Ocean.
• Introduction to the coral reef.

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• Marine life glossary.
• Voice playback with controllable playback speed.• Parallax effect for creating a sense of depth or 3D effect.• Photo sharing option to twitter, Facebook and Airdrop.
• Coloring book option for added fun.

My goal with the app is to entertain and educate, and to give the reader a greater appreciation for the fascinating and fragile marine environment – an environment I explored and photographed for 20 years a president of CEDAM International, a marine conservation organization dedicated to Conservation, Education, Diving and Marine research.

Most folks don’t know this, but while I headed up CEDAM International, I was honored to win the coveted NOGI Award (the underwater Oscar) and the Ben Franklin Award for producing a popular children’s book, Hide and Seek Under the Sea. I am also a proud inductee to the Diving Hall of Fame and a member of the Explorers Club.

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