What To Expect on My 2014 Iceland Workshop

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I can't wait to return to Iceland this year for my third digital photography workshop with co-leader Tim Vollmer. We have one room available. Shoot me an email for info.

The basic info on this awesome adventure is listed under the Iceland Workshop on My Workshops page. For those new to my Iceland workshops, I thought I'd put together a list of what to expect.

But first, check out my Iceland Adventure Photo Gallery. We will make photographs in many of these locations.

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You can expect to:

• Explore one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet - with a small, intimate group of dedicated photographers.

• Make awesome pictures of ice, waterfalls, scenery, Icelandic horses -  and hopefully the Northern Lights, which is why we scheduled the workshop for this time of year.

• Have hands-on, in-the-field photo guidance by Tim and myself. We will be teaching composition and exposure, topics I cover in my on-line classes. We will also help you with daily image processing, so you have awesome images for the group slide show at the end of the workshop. I can also help you with plug-ins.

• Have some downtime in the vehicle as we move from location to location. That's a good time to ask more questions and to get to know your fellow workshop participants. Me? I have been known to nap. :-)

• Hike with crampons for a few hours on a glacier. It's an awesome experience, and you need to be in good physical shape. It's really not that difficult. Everyone in our group participated in this activity on my last trip, but you can keep warm in the van if you prefer. I took the picture below on the right on that hike.

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• Shoot in a glacier lagoon, which is what I am doing in the top left image, and where I took the opening image for this post. For these shoots you'll need waterproof boots - if you want to get in the water, which is not necessary. I recommend NEOS. I also suggest a camera cover and rain pants. You can get all this gear at Outdoorphotogear.com. You may also need your NEOS when we are photographing waterfalls. So, keep your NEOS in the van at all times.

• Have great meals in Reykjavik. Tim knows awesome restaurants. The food in the lodges is good, too. For those who like to have happy hour in their rooms in the field, we'll make stops at local shops.

• Have some jet lag if you are traveling from far away. That is why I get there the day before the workshop actually starts. If you come a day early, I am sure we will meet up for a meal and maybe a nature walk by the hotel, which is what we did last year. Some folks stayed a day after the workshop to relax, but most of those folks were ready to come home.

• Have your tripods packed in one area of the van. That is why I require that you mark your tripods - so they do not get mixed up and are easy to find. I use small, ID sticker from moo.com. In fact, I mark every piece of my gear, even my lens caps, so there is no mix-on site.

• Get warmer as you move around outside. Dressing in layers is the key.

• Have the lamb hot dog, which is an Iceland treat. I had a few on our last workshop, but they were nothing compared to the fresh fish we had in Reykjavik.

• Leave Iceland probably wanting to return. . .

Explore the light,