7 Reasons To Switch to Squarespace 7

Does your site - your major presence on the web - need a make over? Do your images look as good as can be - on your web pages and in your on-line galleries? Is it easy and fun to update your site? Does your site look original and creative? If you have a technical problem, is customer support there to help - 24/7?

No? Look no further: check out Squarespace 7. A free trail is only one-click away.

(Speaking of clicking: Click on the images here to enlarge - another cool feature of  Squarespace.)

Here are my top 7 reasons why I use and recommend Squarespace 7. (Squarespace 7 will the default interface beginning on December 8, 2014.)

1) Live editing - you see what you get. In other words, as you create/edit, you see your results as the viewer see them. How cool is that!

2) You have quick and easy access to creative and customizable templates. Several new templates were added with the introduction of Squarespace 7.

3) Sites look great on any device – so your work is presented in the best possible way on desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, or any other device. You can even preview how a page will look on a device.

4) There's a free app – Portfolio - that lets you move your galleries from your desktop to your mobile device simply by downloading the app. You can customize you galleries, too!

5) Galleries look awesome. A screen grab of my Memories of Myanmar gallery is shown above.

6) It's an all-in-one site – so your blog, galleries, events, store and so on are all in one easy-to-manage and updatable place. Checking stats is easy, too.

7) Customer support is 24/7 – so if you need help, it's away there.

Of course, there are more reasons to choose Squarespace. Those are just my top seven.

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