It's Travel Destination Thursday. Today: Fez Tannery, Morocco

rick Sammon Morocco.jpg

Starting today . . . Every Thursday I will post a favorite picture, or pair of pictures, from one of my favorite travel locations - along with some photo tips. If you have been to the location, add a tip or comment in the Comments section.

This week: Fez Tannery, Morocco.

Photo tips:
• Shoot from the roof, where you'll find the best shooting location, along with a gift shop.
• Shoot at an angle to create a sense of depth in your photograph. In the photograph on the left, notice how the vats go from corner to corner, which creates a more interesting image than the image on the right, where the vats basically go up and down in the frame.
• RAW files need sharpening. I sharpened the photograph on the left. I also increased the contrast.
• Don't over-saturate areas of an image. If you do, you can lose detail in those areas.
• Compose carefully - here I used the "rule of odds" (three men) to add interest to the image.
• Check your aperture. Here I used a small aperture to get the entire scene in focus - which is how it looked to my eyes.

Recommended gear: 24-105mm IS lens or 70-200mm lens.

Here is a link to a 2001 column I wrote for the Associated Press. Kinda old, but still good info.

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