2015 Bosque Photo Workshop Roundup - great photos, great group and great fun!

Above: Allan (Arctic Allan) Duff

I'm just back from my 2015 Bosque del Apache photo workshop. As usual, we had a great group of talented, hard working and fun photographers . . . who stood in the freezing cold for hours to make great images in the field, and who worked hard on image processing in our hotel.

After one of my photo workshops, I usually share my own images here on my blog first, but the workshop participants made such a high percentage of great images (5 - 10 each), I had to start with their work.

But first, I'd like to thank my co-workshop leader, Chris Klapheke, owner of Outdoor Photo Gear, for all his expert help and guidance. We all love you Chris!


Above: Andi Wolfe

Above: Charlie Curry

Above: Steve Wolfe

Above: Greg Waldron

Above: Audrey Tucker

Above: Guy Tucker

Above: John Fowler

Above: Elizabeth Frincke

Above: Gary Potts

Above: Our group taking the world's largest coffee break!

Click here for tips on bird photography.

I lied! Below is one of my shots – illustrating what NOT to do on workshop: open lens on the ground and open camera over the shoulder. He was not on my workshop.

I hope to see you on a photo workshop someday!

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Explore the light,

P.S. Speaking of fun, above is an image Gary "Graffiti Gary" made (with the Graffiti Me! app) of Guy Tucker and yours truly jamming during the workshop. Musicians are always more than welcome on my workshops!