Still in Love with The Still - and Digital SLR

I'm just back from my Bosque del Apache photo workshop, where I shot with my Canon 5DS, Canon 7D, 100-400mm IS lens (telephoto shots) and 24-105mm IS lens (wide-angle shots). The workshop reminded me of why, in this day of DSLR video and mirror less cameras, I am still in love with the still images produced by my digital SLR cameras.

In this post I'll share a few of my favorite Bosque images, along with the reasons that illustrate my imaging choice.

Above:  Canon 5DS - Sharpness, so you can see an individual bird when photographing thousands of birds.

Above: Canon 7D - Low noise at high ISO settings, for clean images.

Above: Canon 7D - Total creative control, with aperture and shutter priority modes combined with fast exposure compensation.

Above: Canon 7D - Super fast auto focusing, to tract moving subjects.

Above: Canon 7D – Wide dynamic range image sensor, for shooting in high-contrast situations.

Above: Canon 7D - High frame rate, so you don't miss a shot.

Above: Canon 5DS – True color rendition from lens to lens, so all my photographs match.

Above: Canon 5DS (17-40mm lens for this shot only) – Fun to use.

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