Excerpt #1: Creative Visualization for Photographers


This week on my blog: I am running excerpts from my latest book, Creative Visualization for Photographers.

Excerpt #1

Photographers, myself included, usually photograph what we recognize, consciously or unconsciously. What’s more, some photographers specifically travel to popular locations to get the “iconic” shot, the same shot that a million other photographers on the planet have taken. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can be fun and rewarding.

Thinking about what others will see (recognize) in our photographs often influences our decision of what to photograph, how to photograph it, and what images to show and share. 

I recognized a human face in this image.

The technical term for seeing a human face in an image is anthropomorphic, which stems from the Greek word anthro, which means man, and morph, which means shape or form.

I have many pictures in which I see faces, profiles and suggested faces. I took this one in Antarctica. The profile is easy to see. It is an anthropomorphic image.

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