Excerpt #2: Creative Visualization for Photographers

This week on my blog: I am running excerpts from my latest book, Creative Visualization for Photographers. Now, both the e-book and paperback editions are available!

In music, there is a big difference between listening and hearing. You can hear a song, but you may not pay attention to the words, how the musicians are playing their instruments, if the song changes key, if there is two- or three-part harmony, and so on.

Listening gives one a much greater appreciation for a song or piece of music.

The analogy for photography is that there is a big different between looking for a photograph and simply seeing a scene. To find pictures, we often need to look for them. Carefully. Creatively. Thoughtfully.

In the book I share with the reader some images that illustrate the difference between looking verses seeing.

Looking for pictures while motoring around in a zodiac (inflatable boat) in Antarctica helped me find the interesting subject that opens this post. To me, the ice formation looks like a polar bear resting on its back. If you don’t see a polar bear, what do you see?

While I was looking for pictures, rather than just enjoying the view, I noticed the interesting iceberg. It was an okay shot, but nothing to write home about. I asked the zodiac driver to move around the iceberg so we could see what it looked like from different angles.

I was pleasantly surprised when the shape of a polar bear came into view. Thanks to my effort to look for pictures, I was able to make an interesting photograph.

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