Woodstock Photo & Music Retreat Planned for Summer 2016

If you play guitar and take pictures (as I do) - and want to have a blast playing and photographing, this event is for you!

I am planning a summer 2016 photo & music retreat in Woodstock, New York. It's not like one of my standard photo workshops – where there is lots of photo instruction and processing time. Rather, the three-day weekend will focus on sharing music and photo ideas . . . while we are taking photographs and jammin'.

Videos with my friend/photographer/musician Chuck Pierce:
Samba Pa Ti

Some of my fun music videos:
One Minute with My Martin
Landscapes & Seascapes
From Boring to Beautiful Chords
Developing Your Creative Vision

And speaking of Creative Vision, I'll be giving a seminar on that topic based around my new book, Creative Visualization for Photographers. I actually talk about how music relates to photography in the book.

From the publisher: "The difference between seeing and looking is essential—much like the difference, in music, between hearing and listening. In Creative Visualization, professional photographer, photo educator and photo instructor Rick Sammon presents his proven methodology for creative digital photography. His signature inspiring and motivating approach opens creative avenues for photographers in a variety of genres.

"With easy-to-follow examples, Sammon shows you how simple changes—with visualization, composition, post-processing, and more—can mean the difference between a snapshot and a great shot. This book, illustrated with more than 300 of Rick’s photographs, includes invaluable information about exposure, composition, subject choice, lighting, mood, and depth."

Shoot me an email if you'd like to get on the mailing list for this awesome event. I think the event will be popular, but I don't think you'll hear on the news: "The New York State Thruway is Closed, Man!"

That's Chuck Pierce playing with me after one of my seminars. He'll be at the Woodstock event - and you will be blown away by his talent!

Keep shooting and strumming,

P.S. Woodstock, the 1969 rock event, which I attended (I think), was actually not held in Woodstock. :-)