Master Landscape Photography on My Mt. Rainier Photo Workshops

I hope you can join one of my August 2016 Mt. Rainier, Washington landscape photography workshops. I took the photographs in this post on my two previous visits to Mt. Rainier. It's the perfect place to master landscape photography.

Bonus: Everyone who registers for the workshop will receive (two weeks before the workshop begins) two discount coupons:
• $10 off coupon for my Landscape Photography Class ($29.99 value);
• Free access coupon for my Nature Photography Lover's Bundle class ($25 value).

Here are the dates for the two workshops:

August 17-21
August 24 -28

I'll cover using ND filters to create the beautiful flowing water effect, as well as how to get everything in the scene in focus.

If you need advice in advance on composition and exposure, check out my KelbyOne classes on composition and light.

We will get up early to catch the beautiful predawn light.

I'll teach HDR - and when not to use it. New to HDR? Click here to get a 15% discount on Photomatix.

If we are lucky, we'll see some great sites in the evening sky. I took this shot from the gas station that is next to our hotel.

rick sammon mt rainier 5.png

I'll teach Photoshop, Lightroom and plug-ins, and how to create dramatic black-and-white images.

I hope you can join me and a small group of dedicated photographers in August 2016 in Mt. Rainier, where photographer Kevin Brown took the above photograph of yours truly.Explore the light,