Photo Gear Recos for an Iceland Workshop

Professional travel photographers, like me, need to plan ahead. With that thought in mind, I am already thinking about the gear I am taking on my summer 2016 Iceland photo workshop. Summer, by the way, is an excellent time to visit Iceland, the long days and good weather being of the attractions.

If you are joining me, or plan on going on your own, here's a look at the individual items I am taking – and why I am taking them on this awesome adventure.

Canon 5Ds - for landscapes, seascapes and ice scapes.

Canon 5D Mark III - for photographs of seals on the ice and horses in the field.

Canon 11- 24mm lens – for landscape photographs.

Canon 17-40mm lens - for waterfall shots.

Canon 24-105mm lens - for general-purpose shots. Two pictured. I always have a back up, because this is my favorite lens.  

Canon 100-400mm IS lens – for seal and horse photographs.

Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens – for Northern Lights photographs.

Tiffen ND filter set – for waterfall images.

Tiffen polarizing filter – to reduce glare on water and ice.

Really Right Stuff tripod and ball head (tripod not shown, packed in luggage) - to steady my camera during long exposures.

Lexar 32GB Compact Flash Cards - to record my memories.

Black Rapid Strap - for easy camera toting.

OpTech camera sleeves - to keep my camera dry around waterfalls.

Lens cleaning cloths – to keep my lens clean.

Extra lens cap – because I always lose one.

Blower brush – to keep my sensor clean.

If you are planning a trip Iceland, my on-line class, Mater Landscape & Seascape Photography, offers some valuable photo tips, as dose my e-book, Conquer Composition – Wonders of Iceland. Click here to order the class and e-book.

New Iceland images to come!

Explore the light,

P.S. I updated this post after I realized that I goofed and used a photo of my packed camera bag for a different workshop. Sorry 'bout that!

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