Five Ways to Get Inspired and to Stay Motivated

Hey friends, need some photo inspiration and motivation? You've come to the right place, because that's exactly what I've been focusing on lately:

KelbyOne class, Get Motivated and Stay Inspired. In this class I share with you my top ten techniques on how to get motivated and stay inspired.

Click here to see all my KelbyOne classes.

My latest (and 36th) book, Creative Visualization for Photographers, takes you through the process of envisioning the end result. The more you see, the more you'll get inspired and stay motivated.

Perhaps there is no better way to get inspired and to stay motivated than to shoot in the field with other like-minded photographers on a workshop. We photograph from dawn to dusk. Click here to see my 2016 workshop line-up.

I also teach Lightroom, Photoshop and plug-ins on my workshops. The above example illustrateshow I can help you turn a snapshot into a great shot. We focus on image processing, not workflow.

My e-book, Life Lessons We Can Learn from Mother Nature, offers ideas on motivation and inspiration, too!

Plug-ins can help us awaken the artist within. They can also give us inspiration for new photographic idea.

Okay my friends, it's time to get inspired and to stay motivated.

Explore the light,
Rick Sammon