Way to Much Fun on My Workshops

I always suggest to my workshop students: Stick Like Glue to the Instructor (any instructor).

During my recent gig in Eureka Springs, Arkansas at MAPSYM, a few of us took off for the downtown area one night and found ourselves back in the 1800s - at Judge Roy Beans Old Time Photo and Weddings studio. That's the Judge himself on the right. What a cool guy!

In the background is Miss Liddy, a.k.a. Liddy Deshotle, owner of Portraits by Liddie in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

These images are clips from a Canon 5D Mark II video taken by my "partner" at Canon USA, Jerry "cowpoke" Ward. Assisting with the shoot was another Canon "partner, Vinie "six gun" Del Gaiso.

The guy who looks like a gambler? Your guess is as good as mine :-)

Hope to see you on my of my workshops. We lean a lot, and we have a ton of fun.