Your Most Important Photos

This post is a quickie: Take those everyday photos that someday will be important to you and to your loved ones - more important than your best-selling or top-rated image.

Don't miss an opportunity that may be gone forever. Always have a camera with you.

Also: save old photos in a safe place, or scan them for archival storage.

Bottom Photos:
Here's a 63 year-old-photo of my parents and a recent photo that I took of my 91-year-old dad - one of my favorite family photos.

That wedding photo is still one of his favorites. The portrait of him brings back a special moment that we shared together on a chilly winter afternoon.

Top Photo:
A portrait of the man who got me interested in photography. I actually used that Linhof 4x5 and developed the negs in our family's basement.

P.S. So, take tons of photos of your kids, but don't forget your parents :-)