Fine Tune Your HDR Images

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Here's a shot of my living room. After lunch, I kicked off my shoes and decided to look out the window and relax. Too much blogging this week :-)

After my relaxation session, I got to work back in my office (a bit neater than my living room) on a series of five pictures that I took for an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image!

The average exposure from my series of images is on the left. The center exposure is the result of processing the set of images in Photomatix and cropping the image. Check out the high dynamic range of that image.

The image on the right is the result of:

a) processing my Photomatix image in Topaz Adjust (using the Spicify filter) and then fine tuning (desaturating the image, among other things) the image with the adjustment sliders;

b) playing around with the Shadow/Highlight, Levels and Contrast controls in Photoshop.

The next time you are creating HDR images, don't settle for the default settings in your HDR program or plug-in. Fine tune your images for even more creative images in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

I'm outta here! My living room looks too inviting to be sitting here at my computer.

Explore the Light,

P.S. You can get a discount on Photomatix on the Plug-in Experience Web site. You'll also find more examples of HDR images on the site.