Life Is An Illusion! Create One This Weekend

Click image to enlarge before reading.

In photography - as in all art forms - we can create illusions. Photographers can use in-camera techniques and digital darkroom techniques to create illustions. I created the illusion that two tigers are hunting side-by-side by combining two images of the same tiger into one image.

And speaking of illusions, check out the illusions by Akiyoshi Kitaoka. One of my favorites is shown here. As you'll see, you can make a wheel "stop" moving my simply looking at it. Dong forget to click the image to enlarge.

So here is a self-assignment for the weekend: Create an illusion with a plug-in in the digital darkroom. Have fun with it.

Maybe share your illusion on my Facebook page.

You can also send me an illusion image for the Plug-in Experience. Must be around 5x7, 72 PPI, JPEG.

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