Are You Experienced?

When I give a presentation, one of the first things I ask the audience is, "How many of you use plug-ins?" I am always surprised at the response: only about 10-15 percent raise their hands.

Plug-ins expand the capabilities of Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom - and they expand your creative horizons. If you have not experienced plug-ins, visit the site - Plug-in Experience - that I set up especially for these digital darkroom wonders. You will find some cool how-to info on the site, as well as discounts on Photomatix, Nik Software, Lucis, Alien Skin and onOne Software plug-ins. What's more, if you have a great plug-in image, I'll publish it on the site. See the Jump In page.

Here are a few examples of plug-in effects (clockwise from top left): original, Antique Plate in Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro, Golden Hour Enhancer in onOne Software's PhotoTools, and Portrait Drama in Topaz Labs.

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