Hudson River Photography Workshops Officially Opens

Week one of our Hudson River Photography Workshops officially opened tonight with a welcome dinner at
Samurai Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse.

To start the photo fun, we did some painting with light. We asked one of the friendly servers to be our model, posing right next to the hibachi table after we turned off all the lights in the room.

Here is Don Elmendorf's painting with light photograph. It's a five second exposure. The light source was a small pocket flashlight - aimed above and directly at the subject, so as not to illuminate the background.

Nice job Don!

Try painting with light. It's fun. You'll need a tripod and a flashlight. Start with your ISO set at 400, your aperture at f/8 and shutter speed at 5 seconds. That's only a starting point. Adjust your exposure accordingly. And... use your camera's self-timer or a cable release.

We also covered HDR, panos and flash photography. And the fun has just begun.

Explore the Light
P.S. I soften the server's skin in the picture using a technique I'll cover in a later post.