Follow the Young at Heart

Okay, okay! I know I've posted a lot of stuff here on HDR lately! But here are two new shots: three exposures – 0, +2 and -2 EV. Photomatix with a touch to Topaz Adjust.

I have lived by the dam for 25 years. I never got a mist shot like the one on the right. It's the result of following a text message at the end of the day from a young workshop participant, Jeremy Pollack: "Incredible mist, get to the top of the dam ASAP."

Point of this homily: Follow the advice of young people. Jeremy and I were the only photographers from the workshop shooting - in 34 degree temp in the snow!

By the way: Slow shutter speeds in HDR work great with water, clouds and mist - but not moving leaves and people.

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