St. Augustine Workshop: HDR Fun!

HDR was a main focus of my St. Augustine, FL workshop this week - and will be a part of my January 2010 workshop. However, in that workshop we'll also cover Travel Photography, lighting, Photoshop, flash photography with reflectors and diffusers (you'll be able to master your flash), etc.

Here are a few images.

The top image was taken by Jeff Harrison. The bottom two images (before and after HDR) were taken by pro photographer Rob Knight.

Rob took a more artistic approach, while Jeff went for a more realistic approach. The group liked 'em both.

When you are creating an HDR image, try an image both ways: realistic and artistic. The more you boost the strength and saturation in Photomatix (the HDR program we used), the more artistic the look. Add a Topaz Adjust effect, such as Spicify, and you'll get an even more artistic image. Keep on going! Add a digital frame for an even more artistic image.

For more on HDR imaging (and discounts on some plug-ins), see the pluginexperience. The home page image is a combo of using: Photomatic, Topaz Adjust and PhotoFrame 4 Professional from onOne Software.

Explore the Light,
P.S. Rob and I are planning a Travel Photography workshop in Atlanta, GA. Stay tuned!