Hudson River Photography Workshop Day II: Processing Images

All the participants are getting nice images - learning about light, composition, exposure, lenses - and the mood and feeling of a picture. Great fun!

Khoa Minh took the top photo using his Canon 70-200mm lens set at 165mm and f/2.8 on his Canon 5D Mark II. Nice job focusing on the subject and blurring the background, Khoa. The leaf was a nice touch, too!

We've also been doing a lot of HDR photography. However, here's a non-HDR image by Eliot Nierman. This single image has a high dynamic range because Eliot carefully used the adjustments in Lightroom to bring out all the tonal values in the scene. I also like the composition here. I have taken dozen of students to this Buddhist temple and no one "saw" this image.

Nice work, Khoa and Eliot.

More images to come!

Explore the light,