Hudson River Photography Workshops Week II: Post #5: Surprise Photograph

We wrapped up Week II of the Hudson River Photography Workshops last night with a group slide show. Many wonderful images.

This photograph by Roger R. Chenault was among the hits of the show. It's a simple - yet very artistic - shot taken in a rain on a nearby pond.

Great work Roger - and thank you for inspiring me to try to take a similar picture . . . on a pond that I have passed almost every day for the past 25 years, sometimes in the rain.

Week II of the Workshops starts on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more great photographs and ideas.

If you plan to shoot in the rain, you need to protect your camera. A plastic bag or a shower cap can do the job. For more sophisticated rain shields, check out Outdoor Photo Gear.

For more on my workshops, see the Events page of my site.

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