Learn Lighting in Your Living Room & Shoot There, Too!

Learn Lighting in Your Living Room & Shoot There, Too!

Hey, who says you need fancy/expensive lighting gear to get great studio shots? Here is one example.

During my Hudson River Photography Workshops, we set up a Westcott Spidelite in a soft box and used a reflector to bounce some of the light from the Spiderlite back into the shadows on the subjct's face. 

That's our set-up (in my living room) on the left. On the right is an end-result shot (with the reflector moved just a bit), taken by workshop participant Captain Jack Leggett with his Canon 5D Mark II and 24-105mm IS lens.

Our model is the lovely Bella Paula. Vered Koshlano set up the light and brought the props.

For more than 100 lighting tips, check out my book (in the comfort of your living room), Studio and Location Lighting Secrets - which comes with a live-action bonus DVD on lighting (flash, reflector, diffuser, off-camera flash tips, etc.). Vered, by the way, is my co-author on the book. She is amazing. She is also featured on the DVD - and is a guest instructor at the Hudson River Photography Workshops.

The cover photo on the book was taken by the world-famous Eddie Tapp.

Explore the Light,
P.S. Don't know if you can tell from the behind-the-scene photo, but the soft box is NOT pointed at Paula.. it's feathered at an angle... the key to soft light :-)