Little of what we look at do we see

"Little of what we look at do we see." Richard Fahey

That's an important quote for photographers, because it's so very true.

It's the same with music, by the way: We listen to little of what we hear. Any musician can tell you that.

I experienced the "looking/seeing" difference while on an expedition to Antarctica. We were riding around in a Zodiac when I noticed an interesting ice formation (bottom photograph). I said, "Look, look," w/out saying what I saw (top photograph). Only two of the eight people in the Zodiac saw it: an ice sculpture of a polar bear - complete with eyes, ears, nose, mouth paw, knee and foot!

I asked the Zodiac driver to maneuver around the ice formation to find a "cleaner" view of the ice sculpture. We found one, and we all took the same photograph of what I believe is the first sighting of a polar bear in Antarctica.

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