Umbrellas Are Great For Rainless Days, Too

One of our projects during last week's shoot here in Croton-on-Hudson (as part of the Hudson River Photography Workshops) was to master wireless, daylight fill-flash. Meaning: taking a flash picture that does not look like a flash picture.

On the left you see a simple flash set-up: One flash on a stand, triggered by a PocketWizard, bounced into an small umbrella - which softens the light from the flash and wraps it around the subject (not a professional model in this case, as you can see, but a heck of good sport when it comes to being the demo subject during a shoot).

Some folks triggered an off-camera flash with their camera's built-in flash.

We'll do more off-camera flash shooting this week and next week during the workshop. My pal Joe Brady from the MAC group will be the pro in charge of the demo - showing off the latest PocketWizards.

For more on fill-flash, click here.

So remember, keep your umbrella handy even if it's not raining!

Demo photo: Eliot Nierman.

Explore the Light,
P.S. Warning!! Hold onto your umbrella! Even a slight breeze could blow it down, damaging your set up.