Picture Your Hometown Heroes

One of our projects on last week's shoot here in Croton-on-Hudson as part of the Hudson River Photography Workshops was to document our hometown heroes at the local firehouse.

We all made some very nice end-result images, my favorite is on the right.

I'd like to thank Tim George for taking so many behind-the-scenes shots... which bring back fun memories of the workshop. Nice job Tim.

If you want to practice your on-location portraiture, arrange a session at your local firehouse. If you promise to make some prints for the firefighters, I am sure they'd say okay.

Bring your flash, reflector and diffuser – and be prepared to pump up your ISO - due to the low light conditions.

Be prepared to work fast, perhaps having a friend stand in when you are setting up a shot. That fire fighting gear gets VERY hot, and the firefighters don't want to heat up while your are adjusting your camera settings.

Watch our for reflections - or work with them.

Finally, if you can, make a small donation to the fire dept.

Explore the light,