Hudson River Photography Workshops Last Images: Painting with Light & Using Studio Lights

We ended Week I of our first Hudson River Photography Workshops with a "painting with light" session.

For the image on the left (taken by Eliot Nierman), we worked in a totally dark room. I moved a small flashlight around our model's head, painting her with light. The exposure was 5 seconds at f/8, and the ISO was 200. The camera was on a tripod and the model needed to sit perfectly still. Yes! Eliot used his  cable release to avoid any camera shake.

Before our painting with light session, we had a portrait sessions using Westcott Spiderlites. For the image on the right (taken by Chirs Philipps), Vered Koshlano, our guest instructor for the day, set up a single light in a soft box and used a reflector to expertly light our subject, the beautiful Bella Paula. Vered also brought a few props, which added greatly to the shoot.

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Explore the Light,
P.S. We are also planning SLR HD video shoots. Stay tuned.