Compact Cameras Hot Items at CES

One of the segments on the 1.6.10 TODAY Show featured some cool digital compact cameras from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. It's amazing what these tiny wonders can do when it comes to image quality and user-friend features. And don't forget the affordable price!

Hey, I use my digital SLRs to make a living. However, I never leave home without my digital compact camera. In fact, I have been using a digital compact camera since the late 90s, when I took my first one to Nepal (top and middle photos).

I took the bottom two photographs with my Canon G10 last year. Wow - have compact cameras come a long way, in image quality, battery power and shutter lag.

If you learn how to see the light and compose and exposure carefully, and envision the end result, you can get get some pretty amazing pictures with a compact camera. Here is an article that illustrates this point.

If you are serious about having good fun with your compact camera and getting pro-quality results, check out my latest book: Confessions of a Compact Camera Shooter, listed on the Books page of my site.

Explore the Light,
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