The Name of the Game Is To Fill The Frame

Hi Gang,

I am off to Las Vegas for a seminar tonight. Tomorrow, a few of us are going to shoot at a cool junkyard and then at Little Finland.

In getting ready for the junkyard shoot, I was looking at some of my HDR images from a recent junkyard shoot (a site on my Southwest Caravan). This image reminds me of the photo adage: "The name of the game is to fill the frame." Before taking this picture, I moved the piece of orange junk into the frame to fill up the dead space in the scene.

Filling the frame is good advice. However, there is a lot to be said for using "dead space," too.

Another tip: Make pictures, don't simply take pictures.

Explore the light,
P.S. I used Photomatix plus Topaz Adjust/Spicify to create this image. You can get a discount on Photomatix (and other plug-ins) at the Plug-in Experience.