What You "See" Is What You Photograph

I'm not really into seeds – or twigs :-) – but the cover of the spring 2010 Spring Hill seed catalog really caught my eye. That amazing flower is called an Egret Flower - for an obvious reason. How beautiful! And a nice photograph to boot.

I photographed the orchid on the top right at the New York Botanical Gardens. I was drawn to it because it looks, to me, like a skinny woman posing in a beautiful dress.

I photographed this Spanish Dancer (left) and its eggs in the Red Sea on a night dive. The Spanish Dancer is basically a slug (scientifically called a nudibranch) that crawls and swims around at the bottom of the ocean. Again, beautiful subjects.

The point of this post: I think we often photograph what is most familiar to us - stuff that reminds us other stuff. What do you think?

Explore the light,

P.S. If you scan a magazine or book, you can remove some of the half-tone dots by using Despeckle in Photoshop. Of course, be aware of copyright and use.