Final Round: Battle of the Close-up Photography Tips!

Photographs by Rick Sammon
It's been a fun week here on my blog - and on Juan Pons' blog. We have both enjoyed the Battle of the Close-up Photography Tips.

Today is the final round. Thank you all for joining the close-up photo fun.

Away we go!

My tip for today: Think.

Think carefully about the aperture you choose. For the praying mantis photograph on the top right, I shot at f/5.6 (for very shallow depth of field) to draw attention to the mantis' head. For the photograph on the top left, I stopped down to f/16 for greater depth of field.
Photographs by Rick Sammon
Think about the story you want to tell. I like the photo above that shows the full body of the newborn butterfly. The photo on the right, however, tells a different story, a story about the multicolor scales that cover the butterfly's delicate wings.

Photograph by Rick Sammon
Think about the wonders of nature. Do you see the two other "animals" in my photograph of an atlas moth. Nature is amazing! Post you comment here if you see 'em.

For Juan's tip, go to his cool site.

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