Round 4: Battle of the Close-up Photography Tips: Pons vs. Sammon. Today: Add Light

Photography by Rick Sammon
All this week: the Battle of the Close-up Photography Tips: Juan Pons vs. me.
Hey, this is all in good fun!

Away we go!

For Juan's tip, go to his site

Here are my tips for today: Use a ring light and use it carefully. Then, in the digital darkroom, remove any reflections that the flash tubes may have caused.

I photographed this red-eye tree frog with my Canon MR-14EX Ring Lite:

Ring lights can be costly. An alternative is the Ray Flash.

Here is a movie I made about the Ray Flash. Good fun and good product.

I like using ring lights over flashes because, by adjusting the power output of the flash tubes, you can get shadowless lighting, as well as ratio lighting. You can also get top, side and bottom lighting.

When you are working in the digital darkroom, look for reflections of the flash tubes in the subject's eyes. You can easily remove reflection with the clone stamp tool.
Photograph by Rick Sammon
Photograph by Rick Sammon
Ring lights are designed to be used on true macro lenses. I took both of the close-up photographs in this post with my Canon 100mm macro lens.
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

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