So you got or gave a camera as a holiday gift. Now what?

Photograph © Rick Sammon  
This post originally appeared on my blog back around Christmas time. It was a popular post so I thought I'd share it again!

If you got or gave a camera as a holiday gift, here are some ideas to help you or photo buddy get the most of that box of metal, plastic and glass.

Save on plug-ins - create HDR images (like the one above) and enhance all your pictures with plug-ins.

Tough Love Portfolio Reviews - I give honest photo and business advice. 

HDR Photograph © Rick Sammon
Learn about HDR, composition, lighting, travel/widlife photography and more on my 2012 digital photography workshops. Great fun, too!

Photograph © Rick Sammon.  
Master composition with my latest Kelby Training class: Composition - the strongest way of seeing. More than 1,300 folks have seen the class in the past two week. Join the crowd.

iPad and iPhone apps - give an iTunes Gift Card for my app, which cover travel, people, lighting, HDR and more. 

Travel and Nature Photography A-Z e-book - make better pictures on the road.

Canon Digital SLR lessons - get the most out of your camera.

Enter the world of HD SLR video - Juan Pons and I show you how to get started with shooting HD videos with your 5D Mark II and Canon 7D.

Get great portraits with my light controller kit and tote.

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Happy Holidays!

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