So Psyched About Shooting With These Pros - and You!

One-light lighting. Photograph by Rick Sammon.
One of the cool things about being a professional photographer is that you get to meet and shoot with other pros - and learn from them.

In the February and March I will be doing lighting workshops with two top pros – my friends Dave Cross and Parish Kohanim.

Dave Cross has cool sets in his studio.
Here's the info on my February Dave Cross studio workshop, which will be held in Oldsmar, FL. NAPP members save $100!

What's more, two participates will walk away with a Westcostt Apollo Softbox Kit. We'll do a random drawing for the kit at the end of the workshop.

Here's the info on my March Parish Kohanim workshop, which will be held in Atlanta, GA.

Parish's studio/gallery will be transformed into a full working studio. 
Dave, Parish and I will help you master your flash and understand continuous lighting - and more. We'll have critique sessions and group slide shows.

Want to learn how to enhance your pictures in Lightroom? We'll be there to help.

To enhance your portraits, check out my post on Plug-ins for Portraits.

Another cool Dave Cross set  where we'll shoot.
These workshops will be fun for me for another reason: I don't have a studio. I shoot in my office, pictured below.

So even if you don't have a studio, we'll show you how you can get studio-type shots in your home with affordable gear. I took the shot below in my office.

Photograph on right by Rick Sammon. Painting on left by Johannes Vermeer.
Below is one of my favorite Parish Kohanim photographs. We may not get get fine art images like this one on the workshops, but we'll give you the tech info and inspiration to get you started.

Photograph © Parish Kahanim
Explore the light - with Dave, Parish and yours truly. Space is limited on each workshop - for an intimate experience. So it's first come, first serve.


P.S. If you can't make the workshops, check out the Lighting Section of my Gear page to see which gear I use. In addition, I cover lighting techniques in two of my apps: Light It! and 24/7 Photo Buffet.